Safety And Security At Music Festivals


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There are many safety requirements for festivals which need to be considered, when planning a festival. There is also the need to be prepared for any unforeseen emergencies that may occur. One such event that occurred recently in the United Kingdom was at Glastonbury Tor, which was a major festival. A major breakthrough in safety for festivals took place after the incident.

Learning From Previous Accidents And Events

On the last Thursday of the summer, a large group of people were hurt when a part of the Glastonbury Festival Site was cut by an overcrowded vehicle on the way into Cheddar Gorge. It is reported that festival goers had been warned of huge crowds expected on the area that day. However, despite this, the area was not closed off. As a result, hundreds of people congregated in the Gorge. The crush of trying to get into the park was so powerful that emergency services were unable to give any immediate assistance and closed the roads until the following morning.

Safety for festivals is something that the public and private organisations have to deal with in different ways. Public transport is often an effective way to reduce traffic in festivals areas, with the Sydney Metro Rail system having special zones that are off limits to pedestrians. However, the use of local roads should always be avoided, especially when approaching or leaving the Sydney Opera House or any other major venues, as accidents can occur very quickly. A major accident in the entertainment district can cause huge disruption to day-to-day activities. It is important for the local government to work with big events to minimise this risk by devising strategies to ensure the safety of visitors. For example, in October last year a major festival was held at Sydney Zoo, which had to be cancelled just days before it was due to start.

Creating Sustainable Strategies And Safeguards

It is important for any big or upcoming event to create strategies for security for festivals, whether it is local government public organisations or private companies. For example, for music festivals across the UK in 2021, the local council worked with businesses, transport operators, the hotel industry, taxi operators, the security industry, festival organisers and the Police to ensure that there would be minimal disruption to the city. The aim was to create an integrated security plan that would protect the athletes and participants, while also minimising disruption around the site. Similarly, London has developed a comprehensive strategy for its music festival 2021 events, including protecting Olympic Park from potential terrorist attacks. The Met Police and the army have also created detailed strategies for providing extra safety for events such as the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee pageant and the London Marathon.


For the 2021/12 summer season, the famous Bath and the Globe Film Festival is taking place in Victoria Park, featuring some of Australia’s most popular films. This summer’s film festival has already featured a number of high-profile films, including Captain America and Crazy Heart, which have both been box office successes. While the possibility of a terrorist attack is considered by officials, the chances of this occurring are thought to be low. In the meantime, the threat of vandalism and disorder will be kept at bay as long as people are aware of the various strategies for providing security for festivals. The better the security and safety is at a festival, the more inclined people will be to go to these events.

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