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Upcycling has taken off in recent years, thanks to the demand for unique and individual furniture and items for the home.  People no longer want a generic piece of furniture that can be found in lots of other people’s homes.  They want something that is a bit more special and has a history and a story to tell.  Upcycling also provides a lot of satisfaction for people who go to the effort of taking something that would otherwise be thrown away and giving it a new lease of life.  Upcycling can come in many forms and can be undertaken by anyone, and if you need some specialist help with furniture there are upholsterer Falkirk based companies that can assist you with your project.

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Upholsterer Falkirk Upcycling Helps the Planet

The human population and western society in particular have been known for their lack of consideration when it comes to throwing away products and items.  We live in a throw away society and people are starting to realise that we can’t go on discarding products the way we do at the moment.  Some people will buy something like a piece of furniture and use it for a few years, then when the material starts to look old and worn they will throw it out and get a new one.  Little do they know that they are wasting money and destroying the planet at the same time.  Most pieces of furniture can be re-upholstered by a local company for a moderate cost and will then be perfectly usable again.

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Bespoke and Custom Pieces

In addition to saving the planet as well as people’s money, upcycling in the form of re-upholstery is also a chance for people to add some individuality into their home.  There are hundreds of different types of fabric that can be used, with thousands of designs and colours that can be chosen to specifically match the interior of your home.  You can re-upholster suites and sets of chairs and other furniture to really transform the look and feel of your home, and design it in a way that you want.


Quality Workmanship

Another huge advantage to using an upholstery service is that you will always get a premium service with a high standard of craftsmanship.  Furniture that is churned out overseas is made quickly and often with substandard material to finish it.  With a local upholstery service you can go along and see first hand the standard of workmanship and you can even choose the materials yourself.  This allows you to sample the material and decide if you like it or not.  You can even ask for a sample to take home with you to see if the material you are considering complements your home and the furnishings in it.

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Re-upholstered furniture is being called ‘eco-furniture’ in 2019, and for good reason.  1.6 million tonnes of furniture is being thrown away in the UK every year.  Most of it ends up buried in landfill, or burned in an incinerator, giving off harmful chemicals that contribute towards greenhouse gas emissions.  If everyone considered re-upholstering their furniture instead of throwing it out when it gets a bit worn, we can drastically improve our collective carbon foot print.

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