What Are Your Prerequisites For Festival Supplies?


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Are you wondering where to get supplies for festival goers? It is important to prepare ahead of time if you want to be prepared for any unexpected situation. In my experience preparing for festivals requires more than just good location. You also need to have the right supplies that will ensure you have a fun time without any problems. Here are some ideas about what are needed.

Food and non-food supplies are very important. Food provides many nutritional needs and keeps you energized as well. Festival goers will need plates, cups, silverware, containers, silver and non-silver dishes, cups, plates, bowls, and eating utensils.

To be sure you have everything you need, it is wise to call in advance. Most manufacturers or suppliers send out their supplies about four to six weeks prior to the festival date. You should also plan on making back-up plans in case of any last minute problems or delays. It is always better to be prepared than sorry.

Water and non-drink supplies are almost necessities at any outdoor event. Many camping equipment and supplies stores stock bottled water, but you may need to carry a lightweight water bottle. If possible bring plenty of water to avoid running out. You will also need to carry a supply of non-alcoholic beverages such as pop, coffee, and water. These can be replenished throughout the day with water from your water bottle or cooler.

Some food items such as snacks, nuts, crackers, cheese, and spreads may not be readily available where you live. It may be possible to borrow these from a caterer or vendor. If this is the case, you will probably want to bring several cartons of them to be able to fill up easily when needed. The basic food items you will need to bring include a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. You will also need to carry protein bars, dried fruit, bread, cereals or crackers, condiments, and coffee.

Prep And Planning

If you have made your reservation for the festival, make sure to pack plenty of water and food storage supplies. In addition, bring a small portable restroom and/or cooler for shopping or restroom needs. Festival organizers may offer or recommend a few places to buy good supplies that you will need before and after the festival.

For those who plan on staying at a hotel, ask if there is a water place close by so you can take a quick shower and freshen up before heading out. Bring along water bottles for yourself and your family. Try to stay in a room that has a water filter system so you will not have to deal with dirty water from the tap every day. A refrigerator may also be available if you want some extra food items to keep cold. Try to avoid staying at a hotel that does not provide water service.

When packing supplies for an event such as a festival, it is important to stay organized. Arrange your supplies according to what you need and label each box for ease of organization. Remember to bring plenty of clean water and a reusable bag to throw away the empty containers. Also, have a printer ready to print out your special event information posters and event schedules to stick on walls and give out to everyone.

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