What Role Is NDT Playing In Music Festivals?

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A little known fact is that there is a significant amount of work going on in the background prior to festivals in order to get them well prepped. Let’s explore what NDT is and how important a role it is playing in music festivals.

What You Need To Know About NDT

NDT stands for non destructive testing. This is a process which is very commonly associated with many heavy industrial industries. This is because large organisations such as Shell or BP need their equipment to go through rigorous testing measures in order to test for safety as well as robustness.

Typically this testing is carried out by specially qualified engineers and inspectors who have developed years of experience testing different types of equipment and metals in order to ensure that they are safe and robust.

One of the reasons why this is so important for festivals is the sheer volumes of people involved. Large music festivals can attract tens of thousands of people. Therefore , it is essential that any equipment present on site works as it should and is able to cope with the significant overall amount of demand.

NDT is made up of a multi stage process during which the material or item being tested will go through a variety of different types of stringent tests. Each test will see how much damage or pressure the item can withstand before becoming weak or inoperative.

How Is It Being Applied At Music Festivals?

Overall there are a variety of different ways in which NDT is being applied at music festivals. One of the main ways in which it is being applied is checking the overall durability of stage platforms and stage barriers.

Both stage platforms and stage barriers are designed to support significant overall weights as well as withstanding moderately stormy weather. Due to the potential volume of people pressing against these structures , it is crucial that every precaution is taken to protect people against any risks of these structures failing.

The testing is normally conducted several times prior to the equipment being given the green light. Its essential that these safety procedures are followed in order to ensure the overall safety and well being of concert goers and staff.

What Other Safety Measures Are Taken At Music Festivals?

As well as NDT there are of course a wide variety of other essential safety measures that are taken at music festivals. One major safety measure which is often taken is crowd control measures. Crowd control measures are essential in order to restrict the number of people coming in and out of the venue.

A typical measure that may be introduced is ticket barriers as well as controlled entry points. Having these is key to monitoring the number of festival goers who are choosing to enter. Doing this is another of the many safety features that are running in the background at music festivals.

To conclude it is clear that non destructive testing takes an important role at festivals and will be continually used in order to ensure the safety and well being of people for many years to come at different music events.

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