Why Should You Visit A GUM Clinic?


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Sexual health plays an incredibly important role in everyone’s life. It is beneficial that everyone has some knowledge of their own sexual health, as well as the risks that come with unprotected sexual intercourse such as sexually transmitted infections. A GUM clinic is there for those to visit who may have questions or concerns regarding sexual health. They also offer STI testing and support.

What Does GUM Stand For?

GUM is an acronym for genitourinary medicine. It includes diseases and treatment of the genital system and urinary system. We study them together since they are anatomically close. 

The study includes any disease regarding sexual intercourse. 

What Does A GUM Doctor Do? 

Any medical officer who studies genitourinary medicine is a GUM doctor. These are trained specialists to understand the common sexual problems. They treat these conditions efficiently. People are usually uncomfortable when it comes to genitals or sex, which is why these doctors are specialists to make them comfortable. It is important to break the stigma surrounding sexual health so that people feel open about sharing their problems. 

GUM vs Gynaecology

Some women confuse between these two fields of medicine. But there is a difference. In gynaecology, we deal with the diseases of the female reproductive system. While in GUM, we deal with the conditions associated with genitals and sexual activity. 

While gynaecology is specific to women, the GUM deals with the problems of both genders. 

When Should You Visit The Clinic?

A GUM clinic is there for you to visit whenever you wish. Many people will visit for many different reasons and there could be a number of factors that encourage you to go for a check up. Here are a few examples:

Family planning 

If you find yourself in the position where you wish to start a family, or perhaps prevent pregnancy, a GUM clinic is there to offer advice on fertility, birth control, menstruation, abortion, and more.

Screening Tests 

GUM doctors emphasise so much on screening procedures. For example, we can screen for the human papillomavirus. The early detection of this virus can save you from cervical cancer, the commonest cancer among women. It is important to undergo screening tests to check in on your health.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

We can diagnose STDs in the GUM clinic. Unfortunately, STDs are incredibly common. This is causing rising figures in infection rates. The issue is that people often feel too embarrassed to get symptoms checked when it involves genitalia, which causes the infection to worsen and can cause other serious health conditions.

Awareness Campaign 

A particular motto of GUM clinics is to raise awareness. People need to be aware about their own sexual health status and should also be mindful of the people they are choosing to engage in sexual activity with. Even if you do not have any symptoms, you are still welcome (and encouraged) to visit a clinic. You can still undergo tests and discuss any issues that you may be questioning.

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