Glasgow Indian Restaurant In Attendance at Music Festivals


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Indian food has a long and rich history of use within the UK.  As early as 1733, curries were being served in some popular restaurants in London’s Piccadilly area.  By 1784, curry and rice had become increasingly popular in central London.  There was even Indian recipes being published in English cook book as early as 1747.  The first Indian restaurant to be opened on British soil was the Hindoostanee Coffee House which opened its doors in 1810 on George Street in Mayfair.  The owner of this restaurant was Sake Dean Mohamed, who travelled to Britain and married an Irishwoman.  Now Indian food is eaten up and down the country, and a Glasgow Indian Restaurant is getting involved in the festival scene.

Glasgow Indian Restaurant

History of Glasgow Indian Restaurant

Curries have now become so popular that the contribute over $5bn to the British economy every year, which is a staggering sum.  They are enjoyed so widely in the UK that the British foreign secretary has referred to Tikka Masala as the country’s “true national dish.”  It is widely accepted by many that the tikka masala was actually invented here in Britain, in none other than Scotland’s very own Glasgow.  The dish is said to have been invented in the 1970s by Ahmed Aslam Ali, who came up with the dish after experimenting with a mild marinade sauce for chicken using yogurt and cream.  So Glasgow has a deep heritage with Indian food, and a Glasgow Indian re is the best place to get authentic Indian food.

Glasgow Indian Restaurant

Festival Food and Curries

Festival food is going through a major increase in popularity.  Festivals are no long just serving beer and snack van food, they now have a whole host of flavours and cuisines from all over the world.  What better place to showcase Indian food than at a celebration of all the things that makes us unique?  Indian food also represents the perfect hand food, as it is traditionally eaten with your hands in India with bread and wraps.  Festivals around Scotland are the perfect place to showcase a Glasgow Indian restaurant and celebrate the history of Indian food in our country. 


Festivals and Veggie Food

Vegetarian food is making a serious impact on consumers, and festivals want increasingly vegetarian food at their food stalls.  The type of consumer that wants vegetarian food generally places great emphasis on sustainability and ethical food sourcing.  As festivals are being pressured to make more green efforts, plant based food is on the rise at these events.  The great thing about Indian food is that traditionally, it was almost all vegetarian, using vegetables, lentils and grains.  This means that for festivals looking to showcase more plant based food, as well as bring cultural diversity to their event, Indian food is the best choice going. 

Glasgow Indian Restaurant

Festivals in The Future

Festivals are becoming increasing broad in terms of their attractions and offerings for their visitors, and moving forward into the future, they are going to be much more diverse.  Instead of only being centred on music, the will bring all aspects of life and performance into their line-up. 

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