How to Convert Mini DV to Digital Formats


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We have witnessed a rise in digital converting companies as many now look to convert mini DV to digital formats. Mini DV was introduced in 1995 by prominent manufacturers of small digital cameras. It was the foundation for the new MiniDV format. At first, this was used in digital camcorders but then soon, it became popular with other users. A decade ago many camera operators used mini DVs to record their events and shows. However, when memory sticks were introduced, mini DVs were quickly declined. Cameras that record on mini DVs are now outdated too. This is because memory sticks provide so much more freedom when it comes to recording, and they are also reusable. Those of you who have an endless amount of footage recorded on mini DVs, should look into converting your footage before it is too late.

convert mini dv to digital

How to Convert Mini DV to Digital

We recommend using a well-established company to convert mini DV to digital formats, especially if your footage is valuable. Converting companies know what they are doing and can ensure to convert your tapes in a safe manner. Converting companies are extremely cheap to use. When choosing a company look for the options they offer in terms of conversion and backups. Many companies now offer a cloud backup and this can be one of the safest ways to hold on to your footage.

convert mini dv to digital

Use Cloud Backup For Your Conversions

We recommend using the cloud back up whenever possible. We believe it is best to have your footage both in a hardware format and a cloud back. Through a cloud back up you will be able to access your footage online. With technology continuing to grow and drastically changing all the time, you cannot be sure when your new format will be outdated. Therefore, for now, cloud back up seems like the best way to backup your footage.

The Benefits of a Cloud Backup

There are many benefits to using a cloud-based backup software program. The most important benefit is that it is fast and easy to use. The system is also user friendly because the user interface is very simple and easy to follow. Since everything runs through a web browser, you can even access your file from other computers without having to copy or move them manually. There are often security checks that will make sure that the information being backed up is safe. And finally, the files are usually backed up so that you can restore your files if anything should happen to the actual file itself.

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