Some Music Festival Essentials: Festival Fashion and Items


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Festivals are a big summer event for many people to go to with friends. Each year there are many popular festival trends that everyone loves to be involved in. Our team at HIFI have come up with some of the most popular trends from the fashion at our own event. However, as well as having a nice outfit, it is also important that it is practical to wear. This is where you may find our list of Music Festival Essentials handy. As well as picking outfits, it is important to make sure you have other items with you. Especially if you are camping at the event. It is important to make sure you have extra clothing with you to change into.


Music Festival Essentials: Shoes

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Shoes can be the most important part of an outfit for some people as they tie the full thing together. However, it is a better idea to wear a pair of old shoes at a festival. Willington Boots are better for festivals. This is because if it is muddy it does not matter as much if they are not kept clean.  It is also easier to wash your boots rather than a pair of brand new shoes. It is also important to wear practical shoes at a festival. If you are wearing shoes that are uncomfortable then you are at risk of getting blisters and cuts on your feet. If you are wearing sandals then you should take extra care when you are in crowds. This is because people may stand on your feet which can be dangerous and can cause you to hurt yourself.


Music Festival Essentials: What not to Forget


When going to a festival you can get that caught up on making sure you are ready that you forget the most important things. It is important that you don’t forget to take your ticket with you. This can lead you to not being allowed entry to the event. It is also important to remember to bring a form of ID with you. if you don’t you may not be sold drinks at the bars. If you are 16 and you are going without an adult you also should make sure you bring ID with you. This will stop you from being refused entry if you can’t prove your age.

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Other Essentials for Music Festivals: Weather


It is important to take sun cream to a music festival with you if it is sunny to avoid being burnt. If it is cloudy or there is a chance of rain it is important to make sure that you take a jacket or a rain cover with you to ensure you do not get soaked.

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