Festival Jobs: Assembling Demountable Buildings, Temporary Event Staff and More


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If you are interested in working at a festival, there are many of jobs that you can apply for. If you love music, then this may be the perfect opportunity. There are so many jobs out there that this article will only touch on a few, including temporary event staff, assembly of demountable buildings and festival marketing.

Becoming Temporary Event Staff

Every festival is different and will have a different process for allowing people to become temporary event staff. Most of the time you can apply through the festival website or go through an agency. Most festivals look for temporary event staff a bit in advance, so if you want the first pick of festivals then get your applications in sooner rather than later.


When you are becoming temporary event staff, one of the options will be to work on the bar. Bar work is great cause anyone can do it, but if you have bar experience already, this will boost your chances of securing a job.

Temporary Event Staff: Steward

Being temporary event staff you may also have the opportunity to be a steward. This is a job that can be done by anyone which is a great point of access if you have no other experience required for working at a festival.

temporary event staff

Putting Up and Taking Down Demountable Buildings

Another job that people can take part in during festivals is putting up and taking down demountable buildings. This can include everything from stages, to bars and food stands. Depending on what you are doing, you may need some experience but there are likely to be some entry level jobs available for demountable buildings.

demountable buildings


If you have a keen interested (or preferably experience) in marketing, then you could be a marketer for a festival. All festivals have different degrees of marketing and there are so many different festivals out there that you are likely to find the position that is right for you.

Benefits of Working at a Festival

Working at a festival opens up a whole lot of opportunities. Even if you have no experience in what you want to do you can work your way up and try a lot of different things. Many of the jobs may be temporary but if you stick at it and go back year after year then you may end up making a lasting impression!

Other advantages include; it may give you the opportunity to travel, as many festival companies may have events all over the world (or at least in Europe).

If you are interested in music, then this may be perfect. You will likely not need to work for the full festival and may get some downtime to enjoy the event yourself. Plus, access to VIP and out of bounds areas, which will add to the experience for you.

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