List of Some of the Benefits of Working at a Music Festival


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Music festivals are great to attend with friends because you get to see some of your favourite singers and groups all in the one place. Festivals are even better when you have the nice weather as you don’t need to worry about carrying a jacket with you, only plenty of sun cream. At the HIFI Festival, we have put together a list of some of the reasons why we love our jobs and why it is great to work at music festivals. Some of the benefits of working at a Music Festival are:

  • Access to tickets before the public
  • Discounts on prices
  • Spending time at the festival
  • Access to camping and washing facilities
  • Meeting the artists


Pre-Sale Tickets are one of the Benefits of Working at a Music Festival

Benefits for workers tickets

When artists are coming to a festival the demand for tickets can be very high. For some events, tickets can sell out in a matter of seconds when released to the public. Working at music festivals means you can skip all the hassle and stress of trying to get tickets before the public through pre-sales. Access to pre-sale tickets means that you can ensure you and your friends are guaranteed entry to events. However, you can only get a certain amount of tickets in the pre-sale. This means not everyone will be able to get pre-sale tickets and will need to wait until regular tickets are released to the public.

Discounts on Prices


Another benefit of working at music festivals is that you get discounts on the price of tickets and discounts on the food and drinks across the festival. Discounts can be useful at festivals because food and drinks are expensive. They are also convenient for when you are going to festivals for more than one day as you will be able to save a lot of money.

Meeting Artists

Benefits meeting artists

One of the best parts about working at a music festival is that you get to meet and speak to a number of the performing artists. Throughout the day and get to help them with preparing to go on stage.

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