How Pallet Trolleys Can Be an Excellent Edition to Your Festival Set Up


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Planning an indoor festival can be challenging to say the least. Luckily, there is equipment out there that can make the setup process a lot easier. Pallet trolleys come with many benefits and this article will tell you what they are.

Not Just for Pallets

Don’t be fooled by the name, pallet trolleys have many uses, including moving heavy objects from point A to point B. Pallet trucks are used in many different industries and come in many different models. From manual to electric, big to small. This makes them incredibly versatile pieces of equipment.

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Some of the benefits of pallet trolleys include;

Increase Productivity

Pallet trolleys can help increase productivity as your staff will use less energy and time moving heavy objects around. Staff will be less tired and more motivated to carry out task with the aid of a pallet trolley.

Increase Efficiency

Pallet trolleys drastically cut down the time that you and your workforce need to spend moving heavy objects. This will mean that there is more time focused on other things. Getting an electric pallet trolley will mean that the strain from it will be even less.


Workforce injuries is something that every company wants to avoid. Using pallet trolleys to move heavy objects and equipment is a great step forward in helping ensure that your employees are put at minimal risk.

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Planning an Indoor Festival and Using Pallet Trolleys

As you can see, there are many benefits of using pallet trolleys when planning an indoor festival. They will make the job quicker and easier for staff, which will help reduce not only the time it takes to set up, but also the time it takes to take everything down. It will also keep your employees keep safe – whether they be in-house or out sourced from different companies.

Tips for Safe Operation

  • Avoid moving heavy loads up and down ramps and avoid moving any load up or down steep ramps
  • Do not allow people to ride on the pallet trolley
  • Centre the forks so that they are even before you put a new load on
  • Avoid overloading
  • Ensure the load is stable
  • Use both forks for lifting loads (never use just one)
  • Pull loads instead of pushing for more control and manoeuvrability
  • Use the pallet trolleys neutral feature to minimise operator fatigue
  • Only use at a controllable speed (hand pallet trolleys do not have breaks, only electric ones do)
  • Park the pallet trolley out of the way and ensure that it isn’t in the path of other vehicles
  • Lower forks when not in use
  • Leave handle in upright position when not in use so no one trips over it

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