What you should do when attending a Music Festival with Friends


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When attending a music festival with friends it is important that you are able to have a good time. It is also even more important to make sure everyone is safe and able to avoid dangers. The team at Hifi Festival, have come up with a few different ways that you and your friends can have fun without worrying about getting lost and avoiding situations where you may be put at risk. When you get to a music festival the first things you should do are:
• Get familiar with your surroundings
• Plan meet-up locations
• Keep belongings close at all times
• Drink plenty of water
These are all important actions that you can take to ensure you can have fun and be safe at music festivals.

Knowing the Music Festival area


Festivals are very large areas and can be extremely busy. If you lose one of your friends at a festival or want to go and see different attractions or artist you should organise a meeting point to ensure you will be able to find each other. This is also useful because you can’t always rely on phones to have a good enough signal to find each other and you may also not have any charge.

Music festival girl with bag for music festival

Keep Belongings with you

At music festivals, you should keep belongings with you at all times to make sure nothing is broken or gets lost. It is a good idea to take a backpack to festivals if you are wanting to ensure they do not get dropped or lost throughout the day. However, you don’t want to take too much with you as you will need to carry everything with you.

keeping hydrated at a music festival

Keep Hydrated

It is important to make sure that you stay hydrated through the day by drinking plenty of water. If you are in the heat and haven’t drunk anything for a while then you are at risk of becoming dehydrated and could be sick or in worse cases end up fainting.

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