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Each year many music artists come from all over to join their fans in Asolo in Italy. HIFI Music Festival is a popular festival that thousands of people attend each year. The event lasts 4 days and is filled with musical entertainment from your favourite artists. The HIFI Music Festival is great for you and friends to go to and if the music isn’t the best part for you then the weather definitely would be. We have the latest news from HIFI Music Festival 2018 and have more details about our event.

Hifi Music Festival audience at music festival

Latest News from HIFI Music Festival: Event Information


The HIFI music festival went on for 4 days starting from the 14th July and ending the 17th July, there are many amazing photos and videos from this event and each year it is getting busier and busier with all the people coming to take part in our event. People travelled all over to be involved in our event and to see their favourite artists perform on stage. With a great verity of artists on each day, it was an event not to be missed. SilentDisco, Luca Morris, Marco Cordi were just a few of the artists that were seen playing at HIFI this year. Crowds upon crowds had an amazing time at the festival and were also able to enjoy being out in the 30-degree weather.


Latest News from HIFI Music Festival: Event Location

Hifi Music Festival audience dancing

HIFI Music Festival has taken place in Asolo in Italy for the past few years and is becoming a lot more popular over the years. The festival takes place in a big grass field along with many other many other festivals and events.


What to do in Asolo


From hearing the latest news from the HIFI Music Festival many people have been looking to join in on other events in Asolo. As well as being home to many events and festivals, there is plenty more to do in Asolo. There are many different museums that you can visit such as the Monte Grappa, as well as many architectural buildings to see. For example the Porta Colmarion di Asolo and Casa Duse. As well as many different landmarks and interesting places to visit. Asolo is well known for its nightlife area with cocktail bars.

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