How to Be Safe During a Festival: HIFI Music Festival Safety


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The HIFI Music Festival Event was a well-enjoyed experience for everyone who attended. However, it is important to know how to be safe during a festival. From the Events team at HIFI, these are our biggest tips that we would highly recommend you to follow when going to any big events. There are many different ways to be safe during a festival. It may seem that it would be common sense to follow these guides. However, many people do not follow these recommendations and may find themselves in a lot of trouble as well as possible danger.

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How to Be Safe during a Festival: Avoid Dangerous Situations


At festivals, dangerous situations can appear more frequently. Peoples actions and personalities may change due to the amounts of alcohol they have consumed. It is important to avoid situations where arguments can break out. Fights could also break out as a result of these actions. This would mean putting yourself and friends in danger and could also result in missing out in the festival by being asked to leave. It is also important to make sure you never go anywhere yourself as you could get lost and be unable to find your friends due to having a bad signal, no charge in your phone or phones could be lost.


Being Safe During Music Festivals

how to be safe during a festival lights and audience and stage

It is important you know how to be safe during a festival. You should make sure you don’t leave any belongings lying about that could go missing or in worse cases stolen. If you are leaving any belongings with friends it is important that you trust them not to lose them or break them. To ensure you don’t lose your items it is better to take a bag that can be zipped.  However, it is important to take a bag that is a practical size for taking into a festival. Backpacks are more suited for festivals. it is important to take small bags as some festivals don’t allow you to take big bags in with you and you could be at risk of having to leave some of your belongings behind.


How to be Safe during a Festival


There are many more ways you be safe at a Music Festival. Such as not taking drinks off of anyone you don’t know. You can also ensure your safety by making sure you don’t leave your drink down anywhere and then going back to drink it. As many people can add things to your drink without you knowing. You should also make sure you are wearing sun cream if you are at a festival when its warm. You should also drink plenty of fluids, most importantly water.

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